October 22 is International Stuttering Awareness Day

Stuttering, also known as stammering,  is a speech disorder in which a person’s communication is interrupted by repetitions, prolongations, or blocks of sounds and syllables. Stuttering may also bring about tics, such as blinking, clenching of the fist, and/or unusual face expressions . About 1% of the world’s population stutters.

The cause for stuttering is still unknown, but there are four factors believed to contribute: genetics, delays in child development, neurophysiology, and/or stress.

Stuttering is very debilitating to those who suffer from it, and can lead them to loss of confidence, increase in stress, and can be quite detrimental to social skills. In adults, stuttering can really increase anxiety and stress, and therefore can really affect one’s quality of life.

There are no known cures for stuttering, but there are some successful approaches for patients to live with the disorder and manage it, such as speech therapy. Patients have also been finding relief from their stuttering with Hemp and CBD oil.

A study for treatment of Tourette’s Syndrome (speech disorder with many similar symptoms to stuttering) shows evidence that cannabinoid therapy may be “effective not only in the suppression of tics, but also in the treatment of associated behavioural problems.”

In another study, 2 patients with treatment-resistant Tourette’s Syndrome and incapacitating stuttering-like disfluencies were treated with cannabinoids. The study states that cannabinoid therapy “provided significant symptom improvement of vocal blocking tics as well as of comorbid conditions and were well tolerated. Thus, cannabis-based medicine appears to be effective in treatment-resistant TS patients with vocal blocking tics.”

There are plenty of personal blogs and statements on the worldwide web talking about patient’s and their families’ experiences with treating stuttering with CBD, and we encourage everyone to do their due diligence and educate themselves on Cannabinoid Therapy. We strongly recommend talking to your healthcare provider to see if CBD oil is right for you or your loved one.





Disclaimer: Procana makes no claims to diagnose, treat or cure the above conditions. Clinical research, case studies and articles regarding cannabinoids are for informational purposes only. The above statements have not been approved by the FDA. Please consult your physician to see if Procana is right for you.

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